Make a lasting impression with beautiful, durable natural stone
Full Bed Depth Veneer — Natural Stone Wall in Mitchell, IN
Full Bed Depth Veneer
Add character and beauty to your building project with natural stone.
Thin Stone Veneer — Thin Stones in Mitchell, IN
Thin Stone Veneer
Perfect for lightweight, non-structural installations or remodeling with no need for support ledge or foundation adjustment.
Architectural Stone — Thin Stone Installation in Mitchell, IN
Architectural Stone
Sills, treads, caps and panels for all projects, large or small, standard or Thin Stone installation.
Signage — Custom Signage in Mitchell, IN
Distinguish your project from the rest with a natural stone sign of your own design. Spotlight your unique character.
Make a lasting impression with beautiful, durable, low-maintenance, 100% natural stone. The beauty and classic appeal of natural stone endures. Whatever the project, whatever the look, let us help realize your dream.

We work to satisfy your landscaping or building plans and your budget with a range of product choices, including:
  • Standard Building Veneer
  • Thin Stone Veneer
  • Caps, Treads and Sills
  • Boulders & Outcroppings
  • Flagstone, Edgers & Pavers
  • Retaining Wall
  • Benches
  • Custom Cut Pieces
  • Custom Signage
“Genuine Stone is more than building blocks. It is naturally elegant, pure and a solid indication of your personality. Nature makes no excuses, puts on no disguises, hides nothing and never settles for less than the real thing.” – Genuine Stone Council

Trusted Company Providing Beautiful Building Stone in Indiana

Building Stone — Building with Stone Products in Mitchell, IN
In 1995, Indian Creek Stone Products decided to introduce Indiana Sandstone to their customers. Years before, our Indiana company left the landscaping installation industry to focus on providing quality products. Our workers can be found carefully withdrawing beautiful specimens from quarries, running slab saws and breakers, or working inside one of our mill facilities (since 2001), where gorgeous sandstone and limestone landscaping products are prepared. Most recently, we’ve worked to include building veneers, thin veneers, slabs and custom work. Our building stone company has learned a lot about the best methodologies when handling various products over the years. You can benefit from our expertise with every purchase.

Check Out a List of the Products We Offer

Natural building stone is a sustainable material with a beauty and classic appeal that endures through the years. We work to satisfy the landscaping and budget plans of our customers with a range of products. For example, we offer sturdy, consistent products for use in retaining walls and flagstone paths. We also offer thin, lightweight veneers with comparable beauty but reductions when compared to the costs of full-depth building products. We are proud of our natural landscaping and custom products, sharing them locally and with all of North America. Our line of products includes:
  • Boulders & outcroppings
  • Building veneers
  • Caps & specialty items
  • Custom cut pieces
  • Edgers & pavers
  • Flagstones & retaining walls

We Proudly Serve All of North America

Indian Creek Stone Products in Indiana should be your source of natural quarried products with enduring beauty that’s appropriate for your projects. Our products, including architectural stone, are available to all of North America. Give us a call at (812) 849-4808 to learn more about our selection.