Quarrier and Producer of Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Our natural thin stone veneer is 100% genuine stone, cut to approximately 1-1/4" thickness. It offers the unique character and beauty that only natural stone can provide, but is designed for lightweight, non-structural installations without the need for a support ledge or foundation adjustment.

Natural thin stone veneer is not new, but recent developments in machinery (by a variety of manufacturers) have made the process more efficient and cost effective. The machinery can also cut 90-degree angles for corner applications, concealing the true thickness of the stone.

The result? Natural thin stone veneer:
  • weighs less than full thickness veneer, resulting in cost savings from lower shipping expenses and shortened installation times. Although the material may cost more than standard stone veneer, it is important to price out the entire project from start to finish to realize cost savings over the entire project.
  • can be installed without footings or ledges, and adheres to concrete, plywood, paneling, drywall and even metal.
  • is an excellent choice for remodeling and indoor decorating, as well as new construction.
Natural thin stone veneer is priced per square foot; corners are priced per linear foot. Always allow an overage in purchasing to allow for selection of product to be used in final installation. Contact Indian Creek Stone Products for suggested percentages.

Indian Creek Stone Products offers a wide variety of natural thin stone veneer patterns.

Please see our building veneer page for a complete list.

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Thin Stone Veneer Corner — Thin Stone in Mitchell, IN
Thin Stone Veneer Corner
Natural Thin Stone Veneers Flats and Corners — Natural Thin Stones in Mitchell, IN
Natural Thin Stone Veneers Flats and Corners