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Architectural Stones — Natural Stone House in Mitchell, IN
Architectural stone is used for many building features, such as trim and ornamentation. It is used to complete the face of a building or structure and is sometimes found on garden ornaments. The natural products used to complete these decorative elements sometimes include crushed products and natural cuts of thin veneers of products, such as granite, slate and travertine. This method of construction has been around for hundreds of years, and the professionals at Indian Creek Stone Products of Indiana have worked to learn as much about this traditional method as possible. We deliver beautiful natural stone products to our customers for use in their architectural and landscaping projects.

There are many reasons this design method has been around for so many years. Stone veneers offer architects, designers and builders a lot of flexibility, opening the way for highly customizable results. In fact, the degree of cultural and individual representation is vast as you consider the many types, styles, colors and shapes of features in the veneers. In addition to design flexibility, professionals choose architectural products to enjoy financial savings and constantly improving manufacturing standards. The lightweight products are often easier to install and maintain than their heavier counterparts. This translates to lower initial purchase prices, reduced shipping costs, and decreased costs of care and repair.

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At Indian Creek Stone Products, we believe that our building stones and signage are some of the most beautiful in the industry, here in Indiana and throughout all of North America. We invite you to check out some of our most popular work and products. Maybe you’d enjoy browsing through our veneer gallery or working with one of our technicians to customize an engraved stone sign. Give us a call today at (812) 849-4808 to begin your exploration.